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The AFRIDECA Group is a leading contracting and construction management company in Namibia, South Africa as well as Angola.

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The Afrideca Difference

The AFRIDECA Group stands as a prominent contracting and construction management entity, taking charge of comprehensive project tasks including strategic planning, seamless coordination, and proficient construction implementation. Their project portfolio encompasses diverse domains such as commercial complexes, industrial manufacturing sites, multi-story residential and office structures. Notably, AFRIDECA is also engaged in civil and mining endeavours, offering project execution or plant rental services as required.

With full official registration for operations in Namibia, South Africa, and Angola, AFRIDECA effectively caters to both public and private sector demands. Their solutions, refined over five decades of active involvement, exhibit a tangible impact, highlighting their prowess in the field.

At AFRIDECA, our focus is always on the Client. Through maintaining a close and professional relationship with all our clients.

A History of Excellence

Founded in Namibia by Johann de Beer in 1972, under the name Deca Construction, the company’s successes led to the expansion into new territories such as South Africa and Angola in 2003, when the name changed to AFRIDECA.

In 2004 Thinus van Zyl and Bruce Gardner joined the team, combining a wealth of additional expertise and experience in the contracting, construction and management fields, resulting in quickly leading  AFRIDECA into becoming the preferred associate for South African companies wishing to extend into Angola, relying on a wealth of skilled personnel and a fleet of specialised construction equipment.

In 2012 Johann de Beer passed away and his son, Dirk de Beer joined the company to follow in his footsteps. With the exceptional growth of the business over the past 10 years, another valuable member of the Afrideca team, Niel Hoffmann also recently became a shareholder and director in 2023.

AfridecaSetting Industry Standards

Founded and managed upon innovation and flexibility, AFRIDECA aims to set the industry standards for ethics, safety, environmental practices, sustainability as well as through the achievement of projects based on trusted partnerships with Clients, Supply Chain and Personnel.

Through crafting unique and cost-effective solutions for our clients, we offer disciplined contracting, construction and management services created to ensure return on investment, satisfaction and best possible project outcome, from inception to completion.

At AFRIDECA, our focus is always on the Client. Through maintaining a close and professional relationship with all our clients, a culture of trust, confidentiality and mutual respect is established and maintained through all stages of a project’s life cycle.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing a value added rental service which ensures not only production centered approach taking into account the clients requirements and offering the most productive solutions.

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