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Founded and managed upon innovation and flexibility,
AFRIDECA aims to set the industry standards for ethics, safety, environmental practices, sustainability as well as through the achievement of projects based on trusted partnerships with Clients, Supply Chain and Personnel. Through crafting unique and cost-effective solutions for our clients, we offer disciplined contracting, construction and management services created to ensure return on investment, satisfaction and best possible project outcome, from inception to completion.

Some of the projects that AFRIDECA has undertaken and successfully completed:



 Oshakati Game Exstension  Retail Exstension 5000m2  N$8.5 Million
 Twapandula Community Market, Ruacana  Market 1500m2  N$24 Million
 Kathu Village Mall  Shopping Centre 22 000m2  R100 Million
 SOS Kinderdorf, Huambo, Angola  Houses & School  USD 3.2 Million
 Shoprite Palanca Extension, Luanda, Angola  Distribution Centre 6000m2  USD 14 Million
 Shoprite Huambo, Angola  Retail Centre 6000m2 USD 14 Million 
 Bevcan Can Manufacturing, Luanda, Angola  Warehouse 22 000m2 USD 28 Million 
 Coke Distribution, Ondjiva, Angola  Warehouse 1800m2 USD 1 Million 
 Coke Distribution, Matala, Angola  Warehouse 1800m2 USD 1 Million 
 Coke Distribution, Namibe, Angola  Warehouse 1800m2 USD 1 Million 
 N’gola Brewery, Lubango, Angola  Alterations & Additions USD 2.7 Million 
 Coke Head Office, Lanada, Angola  Office Block 6000m2 USD 6.5 Million 
 Coke Botteling Plant, Catumbela, Angola  Production Facility 4000m2 USD 3.2 Million 
 JAM Benuela Facility  Warehouse 2500m2 USD 2 Million 
 Dynamic Pipe Factory, Luanda, Angola  Pipe Factory 4500m2 USD 3.5 Million 
 Shoprite Lobito, Angola  Retail Centre 5000m2 USD 6 Million 


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